We are open with very strict regulations imposed on us by New York State and have some guidelines to follow while playing:

  • FLAG MUST BE LEFT IN HOLE (Do NOT touch flag pole)
  • All Practice areas (Driving range, chipping green and putting greens) are closed
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING!!! No High 5’s, Shaking Hands,Picking up someone elses ball or club)
  • All buildings at the club are CLOSED.
  • Do not wait on teeing grounds with the group in front of you. When they leave the tee, you can proceed to the tee and eait to tee off.
  • If you experience a backup on the course, please keep your distance from the other groups.
  • If you experience a wait at the crossover, please keep your distance from the other groups.

We have an opportunity to play and do not want the state to step in and stop us. Please keep in mind the major factor… SOCIAL DISTANCING.