Tee Time Policy

To reserve a weekend tee time, contact the Pro Shop at 869-5101 by 7:00 pm on Wednesday
Due to the limited number of tee times available on Saturday, Sunday & Holiday mornings, for the most requested tee times of 7-9:30AM, there needs to be equitable availability for these tee times for all members. The Board of Governors has approved the following tee time policy.

Effective Saturday, Sunday & Holiday mornings

Tee times need to be requested and will be assigned by a lottery type system. There will be a sign up sheet posted in the Pro Shop on Saturday for the following weekend.(Saturday, Sunday & Holiday) Members will sign up and request a starting tee time for Saturday, Sunday & Holiday play. The front and back nines will be utilized, weather and daylight permitting. In an effort to maximize the use of the course during this time, the crossover will be based on a 2 hour and 8 minute 9-hole round.

You can sign up in person or call into the Pro Shop and they will record your name on the sign up sheet. Regular Memberships (family) can only put one name on the list. There will be a separate sign up sheet for the second member of that Regular membership to put their name on. That list will be utilized only when there are open AM tee times after the first assignments are made. It will also be done by lottery draw. It does not matter which person in the Regular Membership (family) signs up.

NOTE 1: If 2 names from the same membership are on the same sign up sheet, the Pro Shop will only pick one; the other will go on the second sign up sheet.

You will request a tee time when you call. If you have a foursome, you must fill in the names. If you have a twosome, you will fill in the names and the Pro Shop will put you together with other twosomes. If you are a single, the Pro Shop will match you up with other singles. The cut-off time for signing up will be 7 pm on Wednesdays.

The Pro Shop will assign tee times as close to the time initially requested from this sign up sheet. This will be done by the lottery system. The Tee times will be posted in the Pro Shop and emailed out by SRCCPRO (Pro Shop) on Thursday. If all tee times are filled on both sides, there will be no tee times available until about 11:30 AM.

Please be ready to play 10 minutes prior to your time. If you are not ready to go when it’s your time to tee off, you may be skipped.