Hole In One Insurance Fund

The elusive hole-in-one has given rise to one of the most universally adopted traditions at country clubs throughout the country, the traditional practice of the shot maker celebrating his/her feat by raising a toast at his/her own expense. It has been customary for the toast to include all that are present and has given rise to some hefty bar bills. To safeguard ourselves against the unlikely event that we might be “lucky” enough to “buy the house a drink” and be forced to liquidate our children’s college funds; we have ingeniously devised a system to safeguard the inevitable results of our great skill. The safety net at Shaker Ridge Country Club is aptly dubbed the Hole-In-One Insurance Fund.

The fund has been administered in one manner or another over the years and because of various reasons, it has been the subject of some concern. In order to deal with these concerns, the Board of Directors directed the Tournament Committee to study the issues and resolve them. The result of this effort was the development of the following guidelines, which will serve to direct the administration of this fund.

Membership in the fund is open to all members. Each individual must notify the Club office if they do not wish to participate.

To be determined by the Club General Manager subject to the approval of the Board of Directors (currently $2.00 per person, per occurrence).

Billing will occur when a hole-in-one is made or when the fund needs to be replenished.

A Club professional must certify the hole-in-one. The certification shall require that someone will have witnessed the hole-in-one.

Fund disbursements
The fund will provide a plaque to the hole-in-one maker commemorating the event and a $100 gift certificate at the Pro Shop. Everyone present on that day is eligible for a hole-in-one drink once the hole-in-one has been certified by the Pro.

Fund liability
Liability for the costs of the toast will be subject to the following restrictions. The fund will not cover bar expenses on days when the Club is closed to the general membership. This includes Outside Events and Mondays.

Unexpended funds from any billing cycle will be segregated to a contingency account to cover expenses in excess of regular fund resources.

Revised by Board on May, 1996