NYS ESD has just updated their guidance to include golf and driving ranges as outdoor, low-risk recreational activities.                

All of the following club activities are now permissible:

  • Golf lessons are now permitted.
  • Driving ranges may be opened.
  • Locker rooms may now be used.
  • Single use golf carts are now permitted. 

Social distancing must be maintained in all areas and activities.  If you can’t maintain the required 6 feet, you must wear a mask.     

  • Golf Lessons:  More information will be available as soon as Mark, Mike and I have all the tools in place and we are sure we can accommodate lessons. An email will be sent. 
  • Driving Range:  Please keep the appropriate distance.  Do not handle the practice balls other than ones you are actually hitting.  Please respect the staff give them the proper social distancing space that allows them to restock the range balls safely. Staffing levels are still tight, we appreciate your patience. 
  • Locker Rooms:  You will have access to the locker rooms.  Social must be adhered to or you must wear a mask.  We strongly recommend you wear a mask when entering the locker rooms. We will get hand sanitizer stationed at the entry doors as soon as we can.  We ask you be as expedient as possible when utilizing the locker rooms. 
  • Golf Carts:  Golf carts will be single riders only.  At this time, we are only allowing 1 bag on the cart, to ensure we maintain proper social distancing.   You must check with the pro shop when taking cart.  Upon returning the cart, please return it to the corral by the cart barn.  We ask that you remove any garbage when exiting the cart.   No bag service or attendants at this time.  Do not take a cart from the corral area.  Carts in the corral will be cleaned and sanitized before the next rental. 

We have been informed that the following parameters apply to this new designation: Non-essential personnel are still not permitted at golf and country clubs.

  • Examples: No caddies, no starters, no restaurant service workers other than essential for curbside service. In addition to what has already been permitted, anyone essential for the operation of the premises per the new allowances are permitted. 

In every instance, it will be incumbent upon the club to establish and maintain appropriate safety protocols, sanitizing requirements and social distancing measures.

We appreciate your cooperation, understanding and patience as we proceed. 

POOL NEWS:  Unfortunately, a decision on opening pools has not been made yet.  When NY State and Albany County  make a decision,  we will let know.