The Board of Directors would like to invite you to advertise your business in our monthly newsletter. This is a terrific way to reach a collective audience of approximately 400 people at a cost of $500 for a 3” x 2” ad. This ad will run for ten issues.

Multiple spaces may be purchased to increase the size of your ad. (i.e. two 3” x 2” ad spaces would cost $1,000).

There are a number of ways to include your advertisement. You may:

1 Send us a Company Logo with your Website address that we can hot link directly to your companies Home Page.

2 Submit your Company’s ad in the size mentioned above. This should be formatted in a Publisher compatible document.

3 Your company can sponsor an event at any one of our Member-Guest Tournaments, for an additional fee.
• One Day Men’s Member/Guest (June 23)
• Three Day Men’s Member/Guest (July 21-23)
• Ladies One Day Member Guest (August 10)

4 In Kind ads are also welcome (adding to the chairs on the driving range, etc. ) with recognition of this donation mentioned in the Newsletter

We look forward to receiving your response. The sooner you respond the sooner your ad will appear in our newsletter.

Questions may be referred to either:

• Connie Rissberger at (518) 469-0641 or
• Bill Sarver at (518) 869-0246 or